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🖤 Exciting Things Are Happening!🖤
A 'new' really old building & a new web page (coming soon)!
On June 3rd, we opened our first "Brick & Mortar" store in Clay Center, NE! It's gonna be a little slow getting retail inventory in, but come visit us at 112 S. Alexander Avenue! I have fresh flowers available now!
Call or email:
402-468-8715 or 402-762-3839
Three Pink Elephant Signature Wrapped Bouquet

Free Delivery Sunday, April 7th!


All The Things!




🖤 Saturday, February 10th

DIY Bouquet Bar - pick the blooms you want and I will help you wrap them up! Permanent jewelry will be onsite as well as fresh fruit and refreshments. Clothes, jewelry, and flowers? Perfect!

Location: Rolling Peach Boutique

Time: 9 am - 3 pm

Location: Steeple Brewing

Time: 4 pm - 8 pm


Social Media

Facebook: Three Pink Elephants

Instagram: soon as I learn it 🤷


Well Hello There!

Guess what? I am STILL updating the site! But I am learning and hopefully it will be functional soon! 

Here's a little update for you though!

What's the Deal with the Name? 


The first question we are asked seems to be, "Where did you get that name?" Each time, a smile graces my face because the name holds a special place in my heart.


It's a story of three sisters...and a tattoo.


The "first" pink elephant, who dislikes being labeled as the oldest or big sister, is often referred to by our family as "#1", the "good" sister, or the "responsible" sister. Well, she decided on her milestone birthday that she wanted a tattoo - searching for an image that symbolized all three of us. - and naturally, as to her responsible nature, she started planning this one year before the milestone birthday. (I know)

Over the course of a year, we engaged in text chains and negotiations. Navigating the complexities of sibling dynamics, we faced the challenge of finding common ground. The middle sister adamantly opposed the idea of getting a tattoo and as the youngest sister, I eagerly supported the responsible sister's tattoo plan, relishing the prospect of our parents discovering it was her idea (some things never change). 

As the milestone birthday approached I proposed elephants because of my enduring love for them, and, being supportive sisters, they found the idea endearing. When the time came, we settled on pink ink, chose the wrist as the location.

Ironically and most fitting, the "responsible" sister and I have one elephant and three hearts because the elephants were too big for her tiny wrist (again, I know - ugh). The middle sister went from the stance, "Never a Tattoo!" to the "Go Big or Go Home" stance deciding to use all three elephants on her arm following each other (the original design). So in the end, it was a really good representation of us!

Getting back to the name of the business (I know, I was enthralled there for a minute too) we chose Three Pink Elephants to reflect the profound strength we derive from our sisterly bond, as there is very little we accomplish without each others' support and love. Oh - and if you are wondering how our parents reacted? Well, I guess over the years we've done a number on them because the "good" one didn't even get "the look". (So disappointing).

So What IS It Then?

Three Pink Elephants is a concept that goes beyond the petals, beyond the bouquets—it's where floral artistry meets community passion. 

Picture a vibrant space, not echoing with the clinking of glasses, but alive with the delicate rustle of petals. It’s not your typical floral shop; it's a botanical experience, a twist on the classic bar concept. Instead of spirits, we're serving up the beauty of fresh flowers and a unique blend of services extending beyond traditional floral offerings.

We team up with local farmers to provide freshly harvested blooms straight from the garden, complemented by flowers from trusted wholesalers for a diverse selection. 

The Bouquet Bar is where the magic happens. Choose your blooms, arrange them yourself in-store, or take them home to create a masterpiece in the comfort of your space. Maybe you just want to grab a bouquet 'to-go' from our handcrafted menu.

Our Community Collaborations pair hands-on experience with guest arrangers from the  community sharing their wisdom.  

We will take the fun on the road as well! Partnering with local entrepreneurs to see what Hastings has to offer!

Gratitude is the heartbeat of Three Pink Elephants. We believe in expressing gratitude through the language of flowers and fostering a culture of appreciation that extends beyond bouquets. Join us in a community experience that focuses on giving back to our service members and veterans, recognizing and honoring their selfless acts, tireless dedication, and inspiring achievements. 

Because we understand that in giving, we truly blossom together.

Keep checking back for updates!!

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